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"A company that saves you money, keeps your equipment serviced on time, assisting in brake downs and making sure your vehicles are always in best condition."
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Grow your business, keep your equipment in best shape, and put your customers first.
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Road Service

Break downs are not avoidable in this industry. Sending road service for any kind of mechanical issue, tire issue, windshield issue... you name it. We are here to find road service, negotiate the prices, finding the best ETA and make sure this is repaired in timely manner.

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When the unit is having major brake down, that is not resolvable with road service. We are here to find towing company for your drivers truck and trailer and make sure he will have safe arrival at the dealership.

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Our Team is making sure your trucks are serviced on time by keeping track on mileages between services and informing your drivers.

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24/7 Support

Customer service representatives are with 10 years of experience ready to help you at any time. We are covering 24/7 - 365 days, taking care for road services, in shop services, setting up towing, dealing with warranty, sending maintenance reminders and advising your drivers.


About Us

ETA - "Expert Truck Assistance" is the outsourcing go-to team with 10 years experience under US DOT regulations offering professional truck assistance. In addition to maintaining your equipment and ensuring it's in tip-top shape before each delivery run or transport task, we can also provide emergency response services should anything happen on-site while you're away-- saving both times (reduced turnaround) and cost savings from having one company handle everything!Our team is Expert Truck Assistance is the number one team for professional truck assistance in the US. Our expertise and experience can help you with any vehicle on your fleet!

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